Tuesday, July 8, 2008

MS SQL Server 2005 Implementation & Maintenance Certification with uCertify PrepKit

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is one of the most using database engine now a days. Microsoft has provided a great interface and userfriendliness with the SQL Server Management Studio. Most of the .net developers are working with SQL Server, they just writing the query along with their need. They even doesn't think for the performance issues with SQL Server. To get the best performance from the SQL Server first we need to know how to implement it and how to maintain it. Until we know the basics for SQL Server implementation we will suffer for performance even if we have latest hardware with higher performance. Now the developer will say "Why does we need to learn the SQL Server?" the answers is - now a days competition in market is increasing, each company need the skill full and knowledge person, who can make their company grow higher. Every large company have DBA for analyzing and performance tuning for the database. But small companies will need developer who can work on SQL server. At this time SQL Server implementation is required. In the other case if the company got server hardware crash or database hack, we need the knowledge for maintenance of the SQL Server. The person who like to go on the DBA side for SQL Server Microsoft is providing a base Certification which can put the person in priority. Microsoft provide certification of MCTS 70-431 SQL Server Implementation & Maintenance. In this certification course Microsoft will check the person's knowledge of:-
  • Installing and Configuring SQL Server
  • Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Supporting Data Consumers
  • Maintaining Database
  • Monitoring performance of the server., etc.

Most of the developers will be unaware of the above concepts. But still it is beneficial for the developer and the client. Because more the application work smooth more client will be happy. Now developer will ask "How will we be able to get certified when we does not have enough knowledge of the basics?" Here is the solution uCertify provides PrepKits for different Certification.

Prep kits are basically test simulator of the certification exams. It contains notes, articles and many more features. Here is the detailed list of the features included in latest MCTS 70-431 PrepKit.

  • Exam Objectives - to let the user know what should they know
  • Quiz - to create a customize timed test.
  • Study Notes - Notes that are rarely noticed by the developer which helps to go deeply in the fundamentals of the SQL Server
  • Articles
  • How Tos... - This is the coolest part of the PrepKit because it gives you visual and theory to complete a task.

PrepKit Reports

PrepKit gives you the report of your progress. PrepKit gives you the retest based on what you need you can select the category for retest. Category included are "Answered wrong", "Answered right", "All Questions", etc.

User friendliness of the PrepKit

When i first downloaded the PrepKit I was curious and confused that how will I go through the PrepKit. Will I be able to use it properly? But when I started the PrepKit I wondered with the functionality included on the first page of the PrepKit. It contains all I need in single one page. The study notes, articles, tests, test reports, all the things to start preparation for the certification.

Tests included for the preparation

uCertify has give number of tests to check your knowledge. You can start predefined tests, custom test, fixed time test, Adaptive test. The test I like the most is Adaptive, it is ask you question as you are on the go. First question will be normal difficulty, if you answer correctly then it will ask you next question will be with higher difficulty.

Test History

uCertify also give you the test history in PrepKit. It will keep a track on the test you given. So you can observe your progress.

In some case PrepKit also work as your tutor. It will give you information at which point you are wrong and at which point you need improvement.

Multiple PrepKit Support

All uCertify PrepKit can be opened from each other. You just need to go to the change menu of the certification. It will load list of installed and available PrepKits you can choose either of them. And at the same time PrepKit will be changed. So no need to wait for opening the other instance of the application.

Readiness Report

uCertify PrepKit gives readiness report to you on categories like

  • Diagnostic test
  • Test a
  • Test b
  • Test c
  • Final test
  • All

In this readiness report you can observer your knowledge for different tests and improve your knowledge on perticular point.

If you are preparing for MCTS 70-431 you must look at uCertify PrepKit. I am sure that you will like it and be one of the fan of it.

You will get 10% discount on MCTS 70-431 Certification PrepKit when you use the discount code as "NBHATT".

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