Friday, August 29, 2008

Button OR Page Event Handlers Fires Twice:

  1. You have Provide Event Handler In Both Code Behind and Front(.aspx) file a. bntGet.Click += new EventHandler(bntGet_Click); b. asp:Button ID="bntGet" runat="server" Text="GetDate" OnClick="bntGet_Click" Solution:Remove Event Handler From One of the Places
  2. You have Not Given ImageUrl Property If Asp Image Control. This Problem Occurs Only in Mozill.


  1. wah lyo khharekhhar upyogi mahiti muko chho tame.

  2. "times" is used to count the number of times the event fires it is having a problem of firing twice so this is a work around that will make it only fire once just make sure you declare times in the right place

    if (times == 1)

    (code you want to run once here)

    times = times;
    times = 0;


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