Saturday, October 11, 2008

Aspect Oriented Programming

Aspect Oriented Programming

 Hi friends,

As c# guys we knows that OOP is the Fundamental of Maximum Code Reuse and Code separation.

Is there any technology Which provide additional Code reuse and Code separation then OOP?? yes.There is.

That is AOP(Aspect oriented Programming) In fact I also used this type of Coding in my one of my project but. I didn't know that it was Aspect Oriented Programming. Let's start with a small definition on AOP first :- "Aspect Oriented Programming is a methodology to separate cross cut code across different modules in a software system."

AOP is not Actually Concept implemented in net Framework. but we can archived using class libraries provided by .Net Framework. like System.Runtime.Remoting and Many other... If you want to know more about aspect oriented Programming you can refer Given Links.

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