Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tracking User Activity in Web site with ASP.Net C#.Net

Reason to Track User Activity:

Now a days every small business is listed over the Internet. Every business wants to expand and get more business from the World Market. Also some users want to generate revenue from the public ads like Google Adsense.

To obtain higher business a web site owner needs to understand visitor behavior. Now to understand the visitor behavior a developer need to log all the activity of a visitor. From which source a user has reached to web site. If the user has came from a search engine then on which keyword he has searched. How user navigate to other page? How much time a user spend on the web page? How many page a user visit in a single visit?

After analyzing above all data a developer can decide how to keep user visiting web site? Which section of the web site have most visit? Where to improve in the user interested content?

Tools for Tracking User Activity:

To track the user activity there are many Online tools are available like Google Analytics or MyBlogLog. Google Analytics is a free user tracking tool provided by Google. With Google Analytics you can analyze your visit and monitor visit from different country, visit from different sources, visit on different keywords. You can also monitor entering and exiting page. MyBlogLog is providing free service but it is limited. If you want a full service you need to upgrade to MyBlogLog Pro which is paid.

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