Sunday, April 5, 2009

Find Distance between two Geographical points Using SQl Server..

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If you have ever worked with google map you will find this most interesting..
Google map provides API for integrating interactive map in you web Apllication.
You can find out Place on map By providing Address of that Place.for that Google provides Built-In API functions.
Any Place on the earth can Exactly Located By it's Latitude and Lonitude .
if you have this Latitude and Longitude you can Use Trigonomatry to Find out Distance Between Two Places on the earth.....

Depending Your Application's Business Logic You Need to find it In your Javascript Code,SQL Server,or IN C# or Whats ever you like..
For My need i Developed it With Sql Server.

This is My Function..

ALTER function [dbo].[CalculateDistance](@latitudet1 numeric(18,10),@latutudet2 numeric(18,10),@longitude1 numeric(18,10),@longitude2 numeric(18,10))
returns numeric(18,10)

declare @radious numeric(18,8)
set @radious=3963.1

declare @pi numeric(18,15)
set @pi=3.14159265358979323846

declare @lat_1 numeric(18,8)
set @lat_1=cast(@latitudet1 as numeric(18,5)) * ( @pi / 180)

declare @lat_2 numeric(18,8)
set @lat_2= @latutudet2 * (@pi / 180)

declare @lon_1 numeric(18,8)
set @lon_1= @longitude1 * (@pi / 180)

declare @lon_2 numeric(18,8)
set @lon_2= @longitude2 * (@pi / 180)

declare @distance numeric(18,8)
set @distance= (Acos(Cos(@lat_1) * Cos(@lon_1) * Cos(@lat_2) * Cos(@lon_2) + Cos (@lat_1) * Sin(@lon_1) * Cos(@lat_2) * Sin(@lon_2) + Sin(@lat_1) * Sin(@lat_2)) * @radious)

return @distance

--Select [dbo].[CalculateDistance] (1,4,7,9)

To Calcuate distance between two point Provide their Latitude and Longitude as argument This function will resurt distance in mile..
you can convert this Distance in kilometer multilyig by 1.6
I also have this function in C# language..Using C# u can calculate distance between two points ..
You can Find this on ..
Hope this will Help You...
Happy Programming..