Saturday, January 2, 2010

AJAX 4.0, ASP.Net 4.0, Visual Studio 2010 Beta

Hello friends, Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2010 beta 2 with ASP.Net 4.0, Ajax 4.0, MVC, Routing and more features.

I had looked at the overview of it and hence sharing it with you.

Output caching in ASP.Net 4

In ASP.NET 4 you can configure one or more custom output-cache providers. Output-cache providers can use any storage mechanism to persist HTML content. Because of this you can create custom output-cache providers for diverse persistence mechanisms, which can include local or remote disks, cloud storage, and distributed cache engines.

Auto Start Application Pool

Basically in iis 7 when any website have its first request it will take time to initialize the site and its data. Now in IIS7.5 with ASP.Net 4 you can set start the application automatically. So when your web site is started, it will initialized automatically and your application pool will be in Always Running mode.

Permanently Redirecting a Page

Previously we were using code to move a page permanently to another url with 301 redirection. In ASP.Net 4 Microsoft has provided RedirectPemanent.

Shrinking Session State

If you are not using in process session state you have a new feature in ASP.Net 4, you can compress the session state with compressionEnabled="true".

Range of Allowable URLs in HttpRuntime

Now you can specify allowed url length and query string length with maxRequestPathLength="260" and maxQueryStringLength="2048"

Valid Characters in URL in HttpRuntime

You can now specify invalid characters in your website with requestPathInvalidChars="<,>,*,%,&,:,\"

Request Validation in HttpRuntime

Now in ASP.Net 4 you can create your own request validator with requestValidationType="MyCustomValidator"

Header, URL and Html encoding in HttpRuntime

You can create your own encoder class for encoding for HTTP Header, URL and Html with encoderType="MyCustomEncoder"

Performance Monitoring

ASP.Net 4 also allow to enable performance monitoring out of the application domain.


There are  more features which I need to explore. Will try to post it asap.

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